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Solar PV thin film technologies reduce the amount of material required in creating a solar cell. Although this reduces material cost, it may also reduce energy conversion efficiency. Thin film silicon cells have become popular due to cost, flexibility, lighter weight and ease of integration

An interesting aspect of Solar PV thin film is the possibility to deposit the cells on a variety of building materials, including flexible materials like waterproof roof covering membranes

Solar PV laminates are constructed from extremely robust amorphous silicon thin film panels that are bonded to aluminium carrier panels. They have been designed to be fitted to metal standing-seam roofing sheets. The lightweight units are suitable for a wide variety of roof shapes, giving architects and engineers maximum freedom of design.

Thin Film Solar PV Laminates

Thin Film Solar PV Laminates - Image Provided by Kalzip

Solar PV louvres can be operated manually or electronically using linear actuators. They can be installed either vertically or horizontally on the facade of a building. Such systems can, reduce solar heat gain, lower air conditioning costs and lessen glare, while maximising the use of natural light. Solar PV cells can be integrated into the glass louvres in order to generate electricity at the same time as providing shading to the building.

Thin Film Solar PV Louvres

Thin Film Solar PV Louvres - Image Provided by Colt Group

Solar PV glass design consists of solar cells that are built into transparent double and triple glazing units. Solar PV glass can easily be integrated into roofs and building facade systems. It is generally available as a comprehensive package, complete with all the necessary electrical components and equipment.

Thin Film Solar PV Glass

Thin Film Solar PV Glass - Image Provided by Onyx Solar

Solar PV membranes are available in the form of high performance single ply waterproofing membranes bonded with flexible and lightweight Solar PV panels. They offer reliable protection to a building against the weather and simultaneously enable direct conversion of solar energy into electric power.

Thin Film Solar PV Membranes

Thin Film Solar PV Membranes - Image Provided by Alwitra

Thin film technology cells are printed on glass in many thin layers in order to produce the desired modules. Manufacturing them requires less material than producing crystalline cells because no cutting is needed. In addition they only require lamination on one side since they are ‘glued’ to a glass pane on the other side during the production process

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